AP worksheets

Chapter Schedules:  These are a timeline for when you should have material read by.  If you have completed your outlines on time this should be a review.  If you haven’t then this is going to be all new material.  I don’t want to lecture this class, I would like to have you come in with any questions or insights that you had while you were completing the reading and we’ll discuss/debate them in class.  The dates are the days that the specific reading is DUE.  There is also a list of related class work/home work on the bottom of the page.  There will be smaller assignments that may not be included in this list that will be assigned in class. I will be putting new ones up as we finish, please watch this page for updates.

Chapters 1 and 2:


Lets go shopping! – (Economics of the Late Medieval/Early Renaissance period)

The Prince – Reading and Worksheet due:  2015-09-10_0003



Google book link for one of your Cromwell/Irish Question readings:

The Massacre in History text

Chapter 14 & 17:

Project Gutenberg ebook of  Voltaire’s Candide

AP Euro14 & 17 assignment sheet

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