World History Maps

If you’re missing a map you can get it from here.  There are some resources attached that you can use to work on the maps. If there is information you can’t find in the included resources, you should use the internet to complete the maps.

Intro Chapter: Medieval Europe and the Crusades

The Crusades

Crusades Crusades INS  Islam & Christianity 2 Islam & Christianity 1 Crusades atlas Crusades text Expansion of Islam

Europe in Charlemagne’s Time

Charlemagnes EuropeCharlemagnes Europe INsCharlemagnes Empire Text2015-09-10_0002 2015-09-10_0001

Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance

Renaissane Italy Renaissance Italy instructions  Renaissance Italy gr text

The Reformation

The Reformation The Reformation instructions European Religions 1600 peace of westpalia text

Chapter 2: The Expansion of Islam

The Ottoman Empire expands The Ottoman Empire expands inst Expansion of Islam Ottoman Empire green text growth of islam text 2 growth of islam text 1 growth of the ottoman empire 2014-09-11_0043

Chapter 3.2 and 3.3: China and Japan

China and Japan China and Japan inst Japan Text

Chapter 4: Exploration and Expansion

North America

North America 1754 +1763 North America 1754 + 1763 instructions  2014-01-10_0007

Exploration Period Chapter 4

Voyages of Discovery    Voyages of Discovery Instructions2014-01-10_0004 Voyages of Discovery text

Chapter 5: The Age of Absolute Monarchs

The Peace of Westphalia

Peace of Westphalia instructions Peace of Westphalia  2014-01-10_0003

Partitions of Poland 

Partitions of Poland Partitions of Poland Instructions2014-01-10_0002

Chapter 7.1 and 7.2: The French Revolution

French Revolution Map and Instructions

FR Map     FR instructions (1)     FR

Chapter 7.3 and 7.4:

Napoleonic Europe:

Napoleonic Europe Napoleonic Europe Instructions  Napoleonic Europe (2) Napoleonic Europe Map 2

Chapter 7.5 and 8: Congress of Vienna, Latin America, Eastern European Nationalities, The Balkans, Unification of Germany and Italian Unification.  (CAVEAT: We won’t be doing all these maps in class. Please make sure you ask before you start working on them).

Congress of Vienna 

Congress of Vienna Congress of Vienna Instructions Congress of Vienna (2) Congress of Vienna Map 2

Latin America: Text Page 251 (Pictures of texts included)

Latin America 1828    Latin America 1828 Instructions Latic America Map 2 Latin America Maps

German Unification:

Unification of Germany Unification of Germany instructions  Unification of Gemany Map 2 Unification of Germany Map

Italian Unification:

Italian Unification Italian Unification Instructions  Italian Unification Map 2 Italian Unification Map

Eastern European Nationalities:

Eastern European Nationalities Instructions    Eastern European Nationalities    Eastern European Nationalities map

The Balkans:

   The Balkans Instructions      The Balkans    Balkans Map

Chapter 9: The Industrial Revolution

Industrialization in England

2014-03-31_0001 2014-03-31_0004 2014-03-31_0005

Industrialization in Europe 1870

2014-03-31_0003 2014-03-31_0007  2014-03-31_0006

Chapter 10: The Age of Democracy and Progress

The Dominion of Canada

Canada 4 (2)  Canada 4 (3)

Canada 4 (4) Canada 4 (1)

The Growth of the United States:

2014-05-19_0004 2014-05-19_0003 2014-05-19_0006 2014-05-19_0005

Chapter 11: The Age of Imperialism

British Colonies in Africa

2014-05-19_0002 2014-05-19_0001 2014-05-19_0009 2014-05-19_0008 2014-05-19_0007

The British In India:

2014-05-19_0012 2014-05-19_0011 2014-05-19_0010

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