Other Videos

Intro Chapter: The Middle Ages and The Plague

Coroner’s Report: The Black Death


Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance Man: Jeffrey Lewis


Luther sparks the Reformation:


The English Reformation:


Chapter 2: The Muslim World Expands

Chapter 3: China and Japan

Chapter 4: The Age of Exploration

Christopher Columbus: There are several videos and a short reading on this page:


Chapter 5: The Age of Absolute Monarchs

Chapter 6: The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment



Chapter 7: The French Revolution

The French Revolution Song: Jeffrey Lewis


The Guillotine: A Coroner’s Report


Chapter 7.3-7.4: Napoleon Bonaparte

Khan Academy Rise of Napoleon


Chapter 13: The World At War

The assassination at Sarajevo

http://player.history.com/pservice/embed-player/?siteId=hist&tPid=21151609” target=”_blank”>Assassination at Sarajevo

World War I – Future learn videos.  These are short 1 minute vignettes about people who served in the war.



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