Due Dates

All of your due dates will be listed on the board in class as well as posted on this website by subject!!. Please observe due dates and make sure that you are looking at the correct course. There will be no late homework accepted without extenuating circumstances.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; Please contact me on my school email address RRICHARDSON@DRACUTPS.ORG.  I will not respond to comments left on this site as they are public.

US II: Chapter 23 (online textbook)

Chapter 23:  America in the Great War

Guided Readings (Available under US II Guided Readings heading and answers can be found in your purple text book)

Guided Reading 23.1   11/23
Guided Reading 23.2  11/29 
Guided Reading 23.3   12/5
Guided Reading 23.4  12/8
Guided Reading 23.5  12/11
Notes quizzes will be announced in class 2 days before the quiz.
Maps :
Europe in 1914 – IN CLASS 12/2
Readings and Other Activites:  These will be done in your online textbook either in class, in the learning commons, or at home if you miss them in class
Graphic Novel:
Political Cartoon:
12/5 – Period A
12/8 – Period G

In Class at the end of each chapter


12/9 – A  

 12/9 – G



Other Assignments:

Main Causes 11/28

Letter from the Trenches   11/30




Chapter 11.1 – 229 – 231  Guided Reading and Quiz 11/28

Chapter 11.2 – 231-235- Guided Reading and Quiz  12/2

Chapter 11.3 – 235 – 236 – Quiz 12/5

Chapter 11.4 – 237 – 239 – Guided Reading and Quiz 12/8

Chapter 11.5 – 239 – 249 – Chart for Quiz 12/13



Rabbit Proof Fence Movie and Question Sheet

Crash Movie and Question Sheet

A Class Divided Movie and Question Sheet

Crash Paper

Textbook is online



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Due Dates will be posted by subject, please read carefully!

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Due Dates for Chapte 10 are now published

Due dates for Chapter 10 are now published.

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Genocide Exemplar


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Due Dates for Chapter 7

Due dates for Chapter 7.1 and 7.2 are now available.


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Contact Me!

If you or your parents need to contact me please use this email address rrichardson@dracutps.org.  This is the best way to do it.  I should get your emails right away if you use the address above.

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World Religions Flash Cards



From this website you can study the world religions.  You should review these before your midterm this week.

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