AP Extra Credit!

Yep, you read that right.  Extra credit.  Feeling culinary?  Want to try something different?  Want to know what it was like to eat like a king in Europe from the 1400s to the 1750s?  You know the answer to all of those is yes! If so, try these and give me a short write up about what you did, what it tasted like, anything that was awesome (or gross) and why and I’ll tack a few extra points on a test.


Additional_recipes_wk1  – (FYLETTYS EN GALENTYNE – Pork in Onion Gravy and RYSCHEWYS CLOSE AND FRYEZ  – dried fruit with spices in a pastry.)

Recipes_wk2 – (JUMBALLS – Spiced sweetened biscuits (think spice cookies). CAPONS WITH ORANGE – Chicken with Oranges –  TART OF PEAS – Pea pie…)

Additional_recipes_wk3 (POTATO TORT  –  sweet potato pie, Georgian Style PUDDINGS OF SEVERAL COLORS – bread pudding with almonds made different colors)

Victoria_sandwiches_wk5 (VICTORIA SANDWICHES – Sponge cake “fingers” layered with jam)

Additional_recipes_wk4 (ASPARAGUS FORCED IN FRENCH ROLLS – asparagus in custard in a roll…yup… SPRITZEN – Spice muffin cakes)

Barley_soup_wk4  – Exactly what it sounds like.

Tarte_owt_of_Lente_wk1 (TARTE OWT OF LENTE – Cream, Egg, and Cheese pie)

These one is late middle ages, but it’d count:

Plantagenet pie

A pretty much exhaustive list of traditional, authentic (or mostly authentic – AKA “good enough”) recipes that can be used for extra credit as well: Gode Cookery



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