World History Powerpoints

The PowerPoints for every chapter will be posted here as we finish the chapter.

Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation

Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation 

Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 The ottoman Empire

Chapter 3.2-3.3

Chapter 3 China and Japan

Chapter 3.1 – 4

Chapter 3.1 -4 The Age of Exploration

Chapter 5

The Age of Absolute Monarchs

Chapter 6 

 The Scientific Revolution

Chapter 7.1 – 7.2

The French Revolution

Chapter 7.3 – 7.4

The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte Complete

Chapter 7.5 – 8

The Triumph of Nationalism

Chapter 9

The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 10

The Age of Democracy and Progress Complete

Chapter 11

The Age of Imperialism

Chapter 12

This Chapter is done as a project, there is no Power Point.

Chapter 13

World War I

Chapter 14

Revolution and Nationalism

Chapter 15

The Crisis Years

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

Restructuring the Post-War World

Chapter 18



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