Due Dates

All of your due dates will be listed on the board in class as well as posted on this website by subject!!. Please observe due dates and make sure that you are looking at the correct course. There will be no late homework accepted without extenuating circumstances.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; Please contact me on my school email address RRICHARDSON@DRACUTPS.ORG.  I will not respond to comments left on this site as they are public.


Guided Readings (Available under US II Guided Readings heading and answers can be found in your purple text book)

Guided Reading  Please see board in class for due dates. Please make sure you are checking for your class period
Notes quizzes will be announced in class 2 days before the quiz.
Maps : Depending on Chapter.  Due dates will be posted on board in class
 Readings and Other Activites:  These will be done in your online textbook either in class, in the learning commons, or at home if you miss them in class
Graphic Novel:
Political Cartoon:
Interactive Notebooks:  As announced.  We will be doing these in class together. 

In Class at the end of each chapter

Test: Dependent on Date chapter is finished


Other Assignments:





Textbook is online

Capstone Project Due June 15th.  Presentations begin June 18th.  



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