Due Dates


Due Dates

All of your due dates will be listed on the board in class as well as posted on this website by subject!!. Please observe due dates and make sure that you are looking at the correct course. There will be no late homework accepted without extenuating circumstances.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; Please contact me on my school email address RRICHARDSON@DRACUTPS.ORG.  I will not respond to comments left on this site as they are public.


Guided Readings (Available under US II Guided Readings heading and answers can be found in your purple text book)

Guided Reading :
20.1  – 9/27
20.2 – 9/29
21.1 – 10/2
21.2 – 10/5
21.3 – 10/10
21.4 – 10/12
Maps : 
 Readings and Other Activites:
Political Cartoon: 10/3
Interactive Notebooks:  To be done in class unless you are absent. Please check back here to see if you have missed anything. 

In Class at the end of each chapter

Quizes: As announced.  20.1 and 20.2  – 10/2 20.1 – 20.4  10/13


Week of 10/16


Other Assignments:




1.1 –  9/12

1.2 –  9/14

1.3 – 9/18

2.1 – 2.3 9/22

Activity: Surveys with presentation 9/27

Test: 9/28

Textbook is online

Capstone Project Due:  

AP Euro:

A letter to Boccaccio~ Petrarch p162

The city of Ladies~ Pizan p163
The prince~ Machiavelli p164
The book of the Courtier~ Castiglione p165
Giovanni and his bride~ Eyck p167
Myth of the Renaissance~ Burke p171
Letter to Lord Sanches – 191
Memoirs: The Aztecs – 192
The Conquest of Mexico as Seen by the Aztecs – 195
The Effects of Expansion on the non Eurpean World – 198
Red, White, and Black: The peoples of Early America – 199
Please answer the Chapter Questions for 12 and 14.


Please refer to your class syllabus for due dates, readings, and expectations.  You will get one per every two months/two chapters.

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